Another US import alert for Wockhardts vet drugs

Wockhardt has been in focus for the past few months and supposedly been troubled by bans and import alerts by some of the reputed health regulators. Recently, the company received another blow, when the US health regulator, FDA issued an import alert to Wockhardts manufacturing units at Chikalthana and Waluj in Maharashtra.

According to the FDA, this alert can be considered as detention without physical examination of veterinary drugs from pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that failed to show compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

While the company has not official commented on this issue, very little is known about the company’s veterinary drugs section. According to some resources it is believe that the animal health division or veterinary unit was sold to a French company in 2009. Although this remains an unfolded matter, some industry experts are of the opinion that Wockhardt may have continued contract manufacturing of veterinary drugs for the new owner of the veterinary department. This could have come to FDAs notice, which may have resulted in this import alert.