Anti-bacterial soaps hit by FDA

According to the statement made by FDA there is no evidence that supports the claims that antibacterial soaps help in preventing spread of viruses and germs. In fact, according to some clinical studies, it is also possible that some soaps could also cause harm and have some health risks.

Based on this, FDA issued a proposed rule that manufacturers of such products, will have to demonstrate and prove that the soaps used for hands soaps, body wash are safe and can be used daily. Also important is that they should be able to show that these daily use soaps are more effective than ordinary soaps in preventing diseases and in limiting the spread of infections. However, wipes, hand sanitizers and similar products are exempted from this proposed rule and only antibacterial soaps are to be concerned.

As per the proposed rule, in case the companies are not able to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the antiseptic soaps with solid evidence of clinical studies, it may be necessary to reformulate or relabel the products for the companies to be able to sell them in the market. With this initiative, FDA aims at reviewing the safety and efficacy of the antibacterial ingredients to make them available for public use.