Banning PET container packing for medicines opposed by PCMA

Union Health Ministrys Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) has recommended for ban on the use of PET containers in the packaging of pharmaceutical products. The same has now been opposed by PET Container manufacturers Association (PCMA).
The board had made these recommendations to ban the PET containers for packaging pharmaceutical products on the basis that the PET packaging can contaminate the medicinal products with chemicals. According to the president of PCMA, this argument is baseless and the hence the association has opposed the ban.

PCMA believes that the recommendations made by the board lacked thorough understanding of the impact of PET packaging on medicinal products, as PET is a legally and globally accepted packaging material. They have requested the concerned authorities of departments to consider every aspect of this issue, the regulatory practices and good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards while taking a final decision on this matter.