Cannabics Pharmaceuticals gets GMP Compliance

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has achieved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) capabilities as the company is launching its first clinical study of Cannabics SR capsules. Adhering to these practices ranks Cannabics' products among a very limited number of medical cannabis products available in the U.S. market that are manufactured according to GMP standards.

Cannabics SR was developed and designed specifically as a palliative therapy for oncology patients. The company is still developing a broad pipeline of additional cannabis based products designed for various indications such as Neuropathic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, post trauma stress syndrome, CNS degenerative disorders, etc. Cannabics is planning to launch its line of SR products in eligible states of the US and EU markets under existing medical cannabis regulatory pathways.

Till date, more than 100 patients in Israel (most of them oncology patients) have already been treated with Cannabics SR capsules. In previous observational studies, Cannabics SR capsules have demonstrated efficiency to provide 10-12 hours of reduced nausea and pain while promoting appetite for cancer patients. Cannabics SR capsules are administered orally one to two times a day, thus providing a convenient administration regimen that increases patients' compliance and avoids the long-term harmful effects of smoking cannabis.