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Certified Natural Health Nutritionist

A Certified Natural Health Nutritionist is a health professional that works at Natural Health centers as a nutritionist with a general education in natural medicine at three different levels: educational, pre- emptive and remedial. He will be able to provide care on different fronts at the same time, nutritional therapy, nutritional balance and nutritional supplementation, biological and environmental hygiene, health education and general care. Students will learn topics such as bio-hygiene, basics of nutrition, orthomolecular approaches. IGMPI is offering an opportunity this is an exhilarating time to track natural health education. Many prehistoric ameliorate heritage such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, and herbal medicine, are having the advantage to modernized acceptance. Natural healing etiquette that was once deserted have become appreciated precinct of the Western healthcare industry, exceedingly as research continues to show momentous benefits to patients through comprehensive access. Change is not just from within the healthcare industry. People are looking for a hand on the wheel when it comes to their health. Instead of just taking prescription medications, many people want to be more involved in their personal well-being and in treating the source of pain or illness. This means that people are looking for trained professionals to help them along the way. to become a Certified Natural Health Nutritionist for those who understand that people are more conscious and concerned about their health. This professional typically works in a nutrition related to body and to assist it in its natural ability to heal and maintain health. Moreover, Yoga is an ancient art, and a natural way of remaining fit and healthy. It also helps in improving mental health. Dietary treatments are natural and non-invasive and include herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, and dietary modifications and in some case other complementary techniques including vegetarian diet, Fasting and Juice therapy and hydro therapy in Naturopathy centers, clinics, Ayurvedic Health Centres, Therapy Care Centres, Dietitian Clinics. This credential implies that you have achieved an advanced level of expertise and experience in the field.

This certification is aimed at improving the conceptual knowledge of the participants towards Natural Health Nutrition. A successful performance is this programme implies that the participant has in-depth knowledge and clear understanding of nutritional issues and health needs. As a Certified Natural Health Nutritionist, you may encourage natural diet and body detoxification plays an important role for the holistic development of the personality and health. It is utmost important to have technical and scientific knowledge of all the components such as hydrotherapy, diet therapy, magnet therapy etc. for promotion and preservation of health by natural and traditional ways.

Certified Study Resources:

Module 1: Foundation of Naturopathy
Module 2: Human Anatomy and Physiology
Module 3: Introduction to Basic Nutrition through Life Span
Module 4: Body Detoxication through Nutrition
Module 5: Philosophy and Evolution of Naturopathic and Yogic Diet
Module 6: Introduction to Fasting, Juice and Hydro Therapy
Module 7: Healing Chronic Disorder through Nutrition and Naturopathy
Module 8: Use of Herbal Supplementation in Naturopathy


Any graduate/ B.Sc. in Microbiology/ Life Sciences/ Botany/ Zoology/ Food Science/ Food Technology/ BE/ B.Pharma/ MBBS/ BDS/ BHMS/ BUMS/ BAMS or any other discipline/ candidates with relevant work experience are eligible to apply for this certification.


The registration dates for this certificate programme run by the Institute are updated timely on the webpage. Effective online learning tools incorporated into the design of the webpage make the course lectures, online live classes and study material easily accessible. This gives a huge window of self-regulated and self-paced performance to the participants.

Programme Deliverables

A comprehensive study material for all the modules in hard copies ensuring the needs of the audience. The accompanying training material is appropriately aligned with the current Industry’s expectations.

  • – Interactive or online live sessions on all key areas of the programme giving all flexibility to the participants.
  • – Online classes for all the modules will be conducted on the weekends. Moreover, a doubt clearing session will also be scheduled before the examination.
  • – All the efforts are made by IGMPI faculty members to make the entire programme modules easily understandable.
  • – Assessment and evaluation for all the programme modules in order to enhance the levels of competencies and skills of the participants leading towards the objective of application in the job.
  • – At the end of each programme modules, the trainers shall obtain feedback from the participants using specially designed questionnaires.
  • – All learning and training delivery initiatives shall be conducted in English.

Assessment & Certification

All the participants are expected to appear for online assessment. After successfully qualifying the examination, the participants will be awarded the professional certification of Certified Natural Health Nutritionist by Centre for Nutrition and Dietetics (CNDS), IGMPI. For all the above-mentioned elaborate study resources, Assessment test papers and case studies would be provided by the Institute from time to time. Details get updated on the website as well. The certification will be awarded after the required levels of knowledge, skills, professionalism and attitude are assessed through the IGMPI assessment process.

Placement Assistance & Corporate Relations

The Institute has partnered with many organizations for providing placement assistance to its participants. The robust placement cell comprises of senior level Human Resources professionals and Talent Acquisition experts which maintains close links with business and industry. We are engaged in promoting the employability of our participants by maintaining good rapport and relation with HR cell and recruiting managers of leading food and agriculture companies across the globe. The efforts of our placement cell also include helping with professional resume writing, interview skills & conducting mock interviews etc.

In recent months the Institute has witnessed more and more participation from professionals working global Healthcare and Nutrition companies like Nestle, HealthifyMe, Herbalife Nutrition, HCL Healthcare, Infosys, and hospitals like Apollo Hospitals and other companies like Danone, Abbott, Twin Health, Hexagon Nutrition, Saarthi Healthcare, Goqii Technologies, National Food Laborites etc.

Future career prospects

Faculty of Center for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS), IGMPI's online programme is a professional programme targeted to cater the health industry needs trained health professionals. The information, guidance, practical training and off programme completion certificate will provide the participant with not one but many opportunities in the industry. This would come true in the form of job roles and positions like that of Nutritionists, Dietitians, Diet Technicians / Nutrition Experts, Health Consultants, Position in Health Centers/schools, Fitness Journalism and many more.

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