Chinas Drug watchdog cancels 68 Business Licenses

Chinas food and drug safety watchdog has revoked 68 drug businesses licenses in a crackdown on illegal drug-related production and operations since last July. According to the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), nearly 500 cases involving illegal or criminal practices were handed over to police authorities during the crackdown. The administration has ordered around 1,000 drug producers and dealers to suspend business and has withdrawn over 250 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GSP (Good Supply Practices) certificates.

In July last year, the CFDA launched a half-year crackdown on illegal drug-related production and operations, especially targeted at violations in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) market and online drug sales. The administration also intended to establish more regulations and mechanisms during the campaign to strengthen management and to have a better control on drug safety risks.