Corrosion Control Important and Management important for Zero Defect Zero Effect Manufacturing

In CORCORN 2014 which is a four day international conference for exchanging ideas between the experts and manufacturers, Union Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers Mr Ananth Kumar addressed the need for adopting pro-active approach towards corrosion control in manufacturing activities. CORCORN also showcases products like corrosion preventing products and services, measures, metals of least corrosion acceptance etc.

Mr Ananth Kumar further said that industry government should be enthusiastic to adopt the corrosion control and management technique as an integral part of manufacturing process rather than just considering it as repairing and maintenance issue to make India with Zero defect and zero effect on environment. According to a report by the World Corrosion Organization, the annual corrosion cost is approximately US $ 2.5 trillions or 3-4% of the global GDP. In India alone, the loss on account of corrosion is estimated at around $ 67 billion ( over Rs 4 lakh crores).

Although controlling corrosion requires significant expenditure, but it is more rewarding in the long run in terms of increased plant safety, better performance and enhanced asset life as per Union Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers and hence corrosion control should become an integral part of Good Manufacturing Practices.