Council of Agriculture to change CAS within a month

The Council of Agriculture in Taiwan announced that there would possibly be an amendment in the Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS) regulations within a month. This is expected to happen after an episode of food scandals, which have led to undermining the credibility of the label of food quality.
The legislatures Economic Committee would attend to the report of the council regarding the measures that are being planned to improvise the local food accreditation system. This is of particular concern after certain products were found to be unsafe in spite of having the CAS label, which in short means having Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

Manufacturers are eligible for obtaining the CAS label if their agricultural food products are found to satisfactorily meet the standards of product health, safety and hygienic packaging. The association has the right to withdraw the CAS label owned by a manufacturer if it does not clear the random inspections more than three times in a year.