Daiichi concerned about Ranbaxys manufacturing issues

Last week, the USFDA banned Ranbaxy's Toansa plant from importing its products to the US on the grounds of GMP violations. This manufacturing plant is an important supplier of ingredients and is very crucial for the company also because there had been issues over other manufacturing plants during the last year. Now, Toansa is the fourth plant of Ranbaxy to be out of the US market.

Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd of Japan announced that it is extending support to Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, which is its Indian drug making arm. It has arranged for sending help to resolve problems at the manufacturing plant that has been affected by the USFDA’s actions.

Although Daiichi has already been supporting Ranbaxy in these issues, they think that it may not have been enough. They now believe that additional support and even more aggressive preparation is required.