Echinaforce announced as one of top supplements for cold and flu New York

A.Vogel produces supplement for cold and flu named Echinaforce, which is ranked as one of the top three supplements in that category. Although, this product has not been tested consumerlab.com, a clinical study that was published after completing the tests showed improvement in the cold symptoms by 26 %, when the supplements were taken all through the cold season.
This product, Echinaforce is manufactured in Roggwil, Switzerland as per Swiss Pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. The company and the product is known to meet high quality of manufacturing standards and as it complies with GMP norms, each batch is tested to ensure the inner product matches with the label on the bottle.

The ingredient used is Echinacea, which is certified organically grown, the plants and water that is used in every batch is also tested and ensured for its quality. Tests are conducted to ensure that the substances used are not contaminated with heavy metal residues or pesticides, fungal or microbial organisms.