FDAs warning letter refers Hemp-laced beverage as a drug

FDA has issued a warning letter, which is rare in its nature, to Green Planet Inc, a manufacturer of dietary supplements based in California. According to FDA, the agency alleges that the company markets a beverage names Hemp Garden Tea that appears similar to iced tea drinks. These type of tea drinks are commonly available in convenience stores.
According to the warning letter issued by FDA, the container used for storing the product is adorned with marijuana leaves. This is a drug in itself and the product is sold with the phrase that says, chill your head with the good stuff. As per the claims, it is evident that the product is used as an alternative to street drug and hence Hemp Garden Tea is referred by FDA as a drug.

It refers to it as an article that is other than food and is intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals. The drug is not approved for use in the US market and it is considered as misbranded.