First device for migraines gets FDA approval

FDA has announced that it has approved the first medical device that can relieve migraine headache. The machine, Cerena single pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation device had been under clinical trials. It has demonstrated in 201 patient clinical trial and has proved that it is effective in relieving migraine headache in 38% patients within a span of two hours and 34% were pain free within 24 hours.
As a part of the procedure, the patients had to hold the device at the back of their head and press a button for two pulses. Each pulse is 0.9 Tesla and the duration is less than millisecond each.

During the clinical trial, some patients were also treated with a fake device and those patients showed response in two hours in 17% cases and in 24 hours in 10% cases. However, the symptoms and complaints like oversensitivity to light, sound and nausea or vomiting, which are related to migraine, were not shown.