GMP certification to be reviewed by Taiwan Ministry

It has been announced that the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) plans a review and evaluation of its regulations regarding Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. The Ministry aims at examining all GMP-labeled products within three months. This seems to be the result of the edible oils issue as the oils owned a certificate and yet were found to contain illegal additives.
As stated by the concerned authorities in the Ministry, there are plans to review the rule of GMP certification in within a period of one and half months. Also, all the 3682 GMP products would be examined in the next three months. These products include 129 oil products, 376 juice and soy sauce related products.

According to the legislators, the ministry may be blamed for the lax supervision of the private organizations that issue GMP certificates and are funded by the government. There have been demands to remove the concerned persons related to adulterated products. The ministry finds it necessary to address consumer doubts and hence the present step of reviewing GMp certification has been taken.