Getz Pharma obtains WHO pre-qualification certification

Getz Pharma, a Pakistani pharmaceutical company, has become the first company in Pakistan to have a Quality Control Laboratory Pre-qualified, Accredited and Validated by World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO Qualification is a three-year process beginning with a series of reviews and audit by their inspectors; after which a lab receives a Pre-Qualification if it complies with WHO Standards. A WHO Pre-Qualified Laboratory holds the authority to test and verify the quality of any drug, medication or formulation. Such a LABs result is recognized worldwide by all related international agencies and organizations.

Getz Pharma has received this recognition for adhering to the highest standard of quality. According to WHO, Getz Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is considered to be operating at an acceptable level of compliance with WHO Good Practices for Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories (GPCL) and is included in the list of Prequalified Quality Control Laboratories together with the areas of expertise inspected and considered Prequalified.

Getz Pharma also received the Export Award for eight consecutive years, ranking first amongst all pharmaceutical exporters and contributing approximately 40 percent towards total pharmaceutical exports; its anti-ulcerant, has secured second position amongst all pharma brands in the country.