GlaxoSmithKline recalls Crocin and Calpol after state FDA order

GlaxoSmithKline has issued a nationwide recall of its extensively sold paracetamol brands like Crocin and Calpol suspension from the retailers and wholesalers after Maharashtra FDA’s stop sale order issued to the company due to overpricing of the drug. Majority of retailers across the country have also stopped stock and sale of the drug.

Lately, the state FDA had detained 6,500 bottles of Calpol suspension of value Rs 2.11 lakh due to overcharging of the drug in violation of Drug Price Control Order (DPCO). As per DPCO, Calpol suspension should be sold at Rs 20.79 per bottle but the company was selling it at Rs 32.75 per bottle. Calpol is an analgesic prescribed for fever and pain. Similarly, the Crocin Advance was also recalled for overpricing.

The state FDA had detained stock worth Rs 12 lakh from the company’s Bhiwandi godown. The new products are estimated to be shortly available in the market with the new prices once the relabeling is done, which is estimated to take a few months. The new pricing of the Crocin advance will be Rs 14.84 a strip as per DPCO 2013, earlier it was being sold at Rs 30 for 15 tablets. Moreover GSK’s two other products are also overpriced. In liquid form, the price of Crocin suspension is fixed at Rs. 19.20 by DPCO but company has been selling at Rs. 37.77. Also, 15ml Crocin Drops is fixed at Rs. 4.80 by DPCO but the company has been selling at Rs. 29.

The price is already effective nationwide. The DPCO officials said that action can be taken against the retailer for selling and stocking the drug at the overpriced rate. And the Penalty may range from suspension of license to prosecution.