Guilin Pharma’s first WHO certified API: Artemether

Guilin Pharma has announced its first World Health Organization (WHO) product quality (PQ) certification for the anti-malarial drug Artemether. The drug has been included in the WHO’s PQ certified list for global buyers.

Artemether is an anti-malarial drug used for the treatment of multi-drug resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum. It is now included in the WHO list of essential medicines, a baseline list of important drugs required in a basic healthcare system.

Guilin Pharma is a member of the Fosun Pharmaceutical group, and has been applying for the API-specific PQ certification since its initiation in October 2010. The Artemether API product line API-II passed the WHO good manufacturing practices (GMP) inspection in July 2012 and received the acceptance number. This approval marks Guilin Pharma’s first API-specific PQ certification by WHO, setting the stage for more of Guilin Pharma’s APIs to go global.