Health Canada backtracking regulatory actions on Apotex Banned Drugs

Health Canada is reconsidering its actions taken to ban all the products manufactured at Apotex and IPCA laboratories in India. Almost 30 finished products and API's of Apotex Plant at Bangalore and 20 API's and 50 products of IPCA Laboratories at Ratlam were banned for import in Canada.

Health Canada will now allow the drugs and API's to be imported into the country as they are medically necessary. These products include the beta blocker atenolol from Actavis and Teva and the heart drug losartan from Teva as well as the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug methylphenidate from Apotex. The products will be allowed to be imported only after it is tested by independent third party for compliance with the regulations of Health Canada and thereby ensuring the health and safety of the Canadians.