Health Canada gives a nod for Ranbaxys anti-dementia drug

The drug company, Ranbaxy, which has been under scanners of global health regulators for various GMP related issues, now seems to be announcing some good news. The company recently announced that it has received a green signal from Health Canada, for marketing the generic version of Pfizers Aricept drug. This drug is intended for treating dementia in Alzheimers disease.

Health Canada has extended its approval to Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc (RPCI) with the permission to manufacture and sell Aricept tablets that contain donepezil hydrochloride of strengths 5mg and 10mg.

As stated by the Ranbaxy Canada officials, the manufacturing of the finished dosage of these drug tablets would be manufactured at Ohm laboratories at New Jersey in USA. The company is very positive about this approval and foresees that this launch can prove to be beneficial to the patients, medical professionals as well as the company as a whole.