Indian drug regulator too watches for Ranbaxys Toansa plant

With a host of activities occurring around Ranbaxys Toansa plant at Punjab, the Indian drug regulator, Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), also felt the need to take active involvement. The drug regulator has ordered the company to provide with complete details and explanation regarding the violation of good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards at the Toansa manufacturing facility.

Following the USFDA findings of GMP violations and an import ban for drugs manufactured at this plant, DCGI feels the need for more vigilance. As stated by the officials, a team of officials has been dispatched to inspect the Toansa unit at Punjab. The officials are working and deciding based on evidence.

They stated that presently, there is no evidence that sub standard drugs were sold by the company. In their last years inspections at seven facilities of Ranbaxy, the Toansa plant was also inspected. While there were some GMP violations observed, they were communicated to the company and some of them were attended with appropriate corrective actions. Action on some issue is still awaited and the evaluation would soon be done.