Medical fraternity awaits clarification on quality of Ranbaxys products

After repeated regulatory action against manufacturing facilities of Ranbaxy Labs, the medical fraternity too is reviewing the issue. With thousands of doctors being the members of the Indian Medical Association, it is important for them to be aware of the quality of the medicinal products they prescribe during their medical practice. The members of the association plan to seek clarity regarding the quality of the products manufactured by Ranbaxy Labs.

The association plans to write to the government and seek clarity about the quality, safety and efficacy of the Ranbaxy products. They are also awaiting more information from the Indian drug regulator. They are seeking information on the exact nature of concerns that lead to reprimand for the company’s products from the US regulator. As regards, medical practitioners, their concerns are more about the amount of pharma ingredient, bio-equivalence tests, manufacturing and expiry dates and similar issues.

As there are different grounds on which laws of different countries are based, there may be difference of opinion. It is worth noting that in spite of USFDA taking strong actions against Ranbaxy products, the other global drug regulators have not followed the same footsteps. Hence the whole process and the specific concerns need to be understood before making any impression or taking any action. Also, FDA has not ordered to pull out any Ranbaxy products from the US market immediately as stopping drug therapy can have adverse health effects on patients. Those patients, who are concerned, have been advised to seek medical opinion.