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Nanotechnology Programmes

Nanotechnology is an area which combines the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-informatics, Bio- technology, Pharmaceutics, Material Science, Engineering, etc.Newer opportunities in research and current practice have emerged in many Nano technological related areas. IGMPI’s Post Graduate and Executive Diploma Programmes in Nanotechnology are intended for professionals who want to study and understand the rationale, fundamentals and applications of nanotechnology. The curriculum is such that it provides up-to-date and significant knowledge which is well recognized by a large number of industries and laboratories in India as well as overseas.

Nanotechnology is the area which is used to design and produce devices and systems at very small (nano) level, having size ranging from 1 nanometer (nm) to 100 nanometers. It offers many prospects to create new drug delivery systems, formulationsand novel devices. Nanotechnology has transformed areas like medicine, textile, polymers, aerospace, food science, forensics, engineering, healthcare, packaging and many more. Recent developments in the area of nanotechnology have yielded successful results. Nano related business is estimated to be a $1 trillion industry, thereby making it one of the fastest growing industries. So, there is a need for more and more professionals who can understand and implement the concepts of nanotechnology.

These programmes are aimed to provide the participants with the basic understanding of the structural features of cell or tissue, medical devices and materials which work at nano scale and those that are used inthe diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Additionally, characterization and development of nanotechnology in relation to pharmaceutical industry is also discussed in depth.

Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Executive Diploma in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

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