Novel obtains NSF Dietary Ingredient GMP Facility Registration

Novel Ingredient Services has announced that the company has been registered to the NSF International Dietary Supplement Ingredient Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program. Novel Ingredients Services is the first US dietary ingredient supplier to obtain the supplier-specific facility registration. NSF developed the specialized dietary ingredient GP program in 2013 as an extension of a broader NSF GMP registration program for finished goods manufacturers.

Gaining the GMP registrations confirms that the manufacturing facilities of the company has all the GMP compliant methods, equipments and controls in place necessary in today's regulatory environment. To obtain NSF Dietary Ingredient GMP facility registration, Novel undergo an onsite audits that scrutinized the company's personnel, physical plant and grounds, equipment, production and process control systems, holding and distribution, records and recordkeeping. And to further maintain this GMP registration, the company will undergo the audit process twice a year.

The company’s spokesperson said that End-products can only be as good as the ingredients that go into them. So Using raw materials from Novel’s NSF GMP-registered facility will give manufacturer’s true peace of mind that they are meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.