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Roadmap designed to chart the path to large-scale manufacturing of cell-based therapeutics

A national roadmap has been designed by an industry driven consortium to chart the path to large-scale manufacturing of cell-based therapeutics for use in a broad range of illnesses including cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, blood and vision disorders and organ regeneration and repair.

The Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) have launched the National Cell Manufacturing Consortium (NCMC), an industry-academic-government partnership that recently released the National Roadmap for Advanced Cell Manufacturing. The NCMC is an industry-driven consortium including cell manufacturing experts from industry, academic research, clinical good manufacturing practice (GMP) centers, government agencies and private foundations. Establishment of the consortium and development of this 10 year national roadmap was sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Development of the roadmap required strong support and involvement from more than 60 representatives from industry, government and nonprofit organizations.

Cell therapies offer exciting next-generation opportunities that may help patients live longer and better lives, reduce the burden on health care and benefit society. Producing sufficient quantities of high quality cell therapies so that patients have access will not be possible without significant advances in the field of cell therapy manufacturing. The cell manufacturing roadmap effort is critical mission to establish the United States as the world leader in cell therapy manufacturing.



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