Tough food inspection to be conducted in Taiwan

According to Ma Ying-jeou, there is a need for tougher food inspections to avoid adulteration. In a recent conference, he pledged to toughen food and beverages inspections that would keep a check on the food and beverage manufactures. There was a recent food safety scandal reported in which, adulterated and mislabeled oils were found circulating by a major cooking oil company.

The president aims to be vigilant about manufacturing and wishes to punish those manufacturers supplying products that have problems or adulteration. Keeping this concern in view, the president, instructed the Ministry of Health and Welfare to conduct a conference on food safety for attending this issue.

The issue of food safety has been a long standing problem. With such new activities, the government intends to seize the ‘bad manufacturers’ one after the other and work to maintain high standards of food safety in Taiwan. Along with this, the president also promised to address other food safety issues that have emerged in the recent years and would plan to increased manpower and budget for this purpose.