UK has seized many of the illegal dental equipments

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) found in an investigation that a large number of counterfeit goods along with products had incorrect or sub-standard documentation and many of the products were marked with CE safety marks which indicate "Chinese Export". As a part of this investigation almost more than twelve thousand pieces of illegal dental equipment have been seized in UK in past 6 months.

The MHRA is responsible for ensuring the products and equipments used by the dentists meet the applicable European standards in UK. If sub-standard or fake equipments are used knowingly by the dentists then they can face legal aspects for the same. Dentists have been warned to carefully look at the online deals which seem to be lucrative.

The products which were seized included faulty dental drills, counterfeit x-ray units and fake copies of leading brand equipments which posed a threat to the safety of the public. Therefore MHRA is working with the firms such as Ebay and Amazon to ensure that the products that are being sold in UK meet the applicable health and safety standards.