USANA confirms that labels match products

USANA health sciences, which a global company dealing with nutrition products produced a Potency Guarantee stating that the name and details mentioned on the label of the product, are actually present in the product inside. USANA is engaged in testing their products via credible international laboratories like NSF International and HFL Sport Science. These laboratories are involved in testing the firm’s products that the ingredients are correctly labeled.

USANA deals with dietary supplements and the products manufactured in their laboratories are done under good manufacturing practices (GMP). The company states that they are committed to stringent manufacturing norms and go beyond GMP norms for their dietary supplements. As the company voluntarily follows GMP standards, they are sure that the dietary supplements are manufactured in compliance with GMP norms just like their over the counter products.

USANA gives an Athlete Guarantee Program, where selected high profiles athletes can enter into an agreement with the company. According to this, if during the given period, the athlete is tested positive for any banned substance, the company will compensate that athlete two times their current annual earnings up to $1 million based on the athletes performance and other factors.