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WHO released final guidance document on Good Data and Record Management Practices

WHO has released the final version of the Good Data and Record Management Practices. In the guidance document "good documentation practices" has now been expanded to "good data and record management practices" and has been broadly defined in the following way:

"The totality of organized measures that should be in place to collectively and individually ensure that data and records are secure, attributable, legible, traceable, permanent, contemporaneously recorded, original and accurate and that if not robustly implemented can impact on data reliability and completeness and undermine the robustness of decision-making based upon those data records."

Individual chapters remain unchanged in the final version only the content has been updated in the chapters as listed below:

• Introduction
• Aims and objectives of this guidance
• Glossary
• Principle
• Quality risk management to ensure good data management
• Management governance and quality audits
• Contracted organizations, suppliers and service providers
• Training in good data and record management
• Good documentation practices
• Designing and validation systems to assure data quality and reliability
• Managing data and records throughout the data lifecycle
• Addressing data reliability issues



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