Warning letter from FDA to cancer doctor in Houston

Stanislaw Burzynski, a doctor in Houston has received a harsh warning letter from USFDA this week. He is popular among his followers but has been knocked down by regular doctors and considered as only a snake oil salesman. This doctor had been claiming that he can treat difficult and usually fatal cancers like brain stem tumors.

After the statement from the National Cancer Institute, it is revealed that the doctor has never published any sound evidence about the efficacy of his drug. A randomized and controlled trial has never been published in a peer reviewed publication.

With this in the background, as per the USFDA statement, the doctor had been spreading a word and boosting the success rates for experimentation of his drug regimen. The drug that he calls antineoplastons and claims to make these wonder cures. Also it is noted and FDA has mentioned that the doctor has not reported any side effects either. Recently, FDA has put his clinical trial on hold after there was an incident of death of a boy last year. Following this, there were inspections conducted for long periods by the FDA.