IGMPI Placement Cell

We aim to facilitate students in finding recruiters that fit their skill set. We help students define their career target and fulfill their contemplation by providing them with the best available employment resources.

IGMPI’s curriculum is contemporary and relevant to the industry’s needs. We captivate the best academicians as our professors and some of the finest, young, curious minds as our students. Our extremely thorough and careful selection process ensures that only the best minds qualify and we sharpen it further, all the way to their placements. Our dynamic study resources- case studies and real life projects, group discussions, debates, interactions with leaders of industry and alumni- all go a long way in helping students prepare for their placements.

Given conglomerate today have to work in distinct accustomed environments, divergent ideologies, diverse cultural backgrounds, incompatible economic atmospheres, and uncertain opportunity situations, we aid recruiters in finding the right fit for their organization. We create, keep and enhance relationship with recruiters by engaging them in IGMPI's multi-disciplinary approach while educating students about the current trends in domestic and international employment.

IGMPI's Placement Cell strengthens relationships with the alumni and past recruiters. The Placement Cell gives all students indistinguishable opportunity to meet their aspirations and career goals.

Why Recruit from IGMPI?

Given that today's businesses have to work in distinct accustomed environments, divergent ideologies, distinct cultural backgrounds, incompatible economic atmospheres, and uncertain opportunity situations, you will probably understand why the corporate world, all over the planet, consistently chooses a new and experienced breed of personnel’s.

These professionals possess client-focused cross functional knowledge skills. We’ve students all across the globe who are emotionally mature, ethically sound team players willing to share their knowledge and experience, sensitive to continuous improvement, and very adaptable to collaborating in a global and interconnected world. Our programs focus at harmoniously creating a three-fold trained capacity of:

A professional manager, who analyses the context scientifically, decides rationally, and acts ethically.

Socially responsible leadership, which promotes solidarity, integration, and collective decision making.

Students at IGMPI are trained to be adaptable. This is done through the rigorous academic curriculum and training students are put through. Students are given exposure to a wide range of niches and theoretical frameworks along with interfacing with some of the great minds in the industry. Students are offered Programmes across functional areas, giving them an exposure not only to their own area of expertise but across forte.

IGMPI has a rigorous selection procedure. This ensures only the finest minds qualify to IGMPI. With its diligent and observant faculty, and holistic syllabus, the students hone their craft and sharpen their learning during their years. To add to this, IGMPI’s internships, Workshop exposure and an environment that encourages curiosity, the students of IGMPI are on par with leading international Institutes and hold an edge with their thorough understanding of markets and the global work place. Having gone through a curriculum that is contemporary and relevant to the industry’s needs, managing case studies, making presentations and experiencing real life projects, the students of IGMPI are more than just ready to take on the industry and face life real time.

Courses offered

IGMPI is one of the institutes offering such a wide range of courses in the fields of Pharma, Food and Healthcare. It has a diversity of courses taught by an experienced faculty, specializing in their particular subjects.

The Pharmaceutical, Food and Healthcare industry is highly regulated. National and International standards and regulations, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), are becoming increasingly important. We at IGMPI fulfill this requirement of industry by imparting knowledge in ICH and WHO guidelines, ISO Certifications, Good Clinical Practices, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules 1945 through our various courses in Pharma, Food and Healthcare sector. We conduct ISO, FSMS, HACCP, GMP training to offer industrial and practical experiences to students.

We at IGMPI provide opportunities to students to perform their projects in an industry oriented manner under the supervision and guidance of experts.

Our Alumni

We at IGMPI follow a close interconnection of the physical, moral and intellectual as its axiom of a sound educational system and are proud to boast of the alumnus who embodies this very spirit in every realm. We have perpetually produced leaders, innovators and philosopher – all sphere heading change as successful global citizens excelling in their particular fields and making the country and institute proud, globally.

Our alumni are working with Fortune 500 and global Pharmaceutical, Food and healthcare giants like Cipla, Wipro, Ranbaxy, Foster, Pfizer, Glenmark , Wockhardt, Sunpharma and many more.

Interships and Workshops

Industrial Visits



Past Recruiters

Due to the surfeit of programmes offered and the zeal with which our students work, IGMPI has enjoyed an aggregate yearly rise in Placements from various leading firms across a multitude of sectors.