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Dietary supplement companies selling products containing Cesium Chloride: FDA warning


The US Food and Drug Administration released five warning letters issued to companies selling dietary supplements containing cesium chloride.

Cesium chloride is a new dietary ingredient. As per FDA, this ingredient must have been found in the food products in a non-chemically altered form, or some proof must be provided that using cesium chloride is reasonably safe.

The marketing Companies can't legally market their products, which are not compliant with this requirement.

The FDA warned health care professionals (HCPs) and consumers for avoiding dietary supplements containing cesium salts, primarily cesium chloride, in a February 2020 public health alert.

In July 2018, the agency warned HCPs of significant safety risks, including heart toxicity and potential death with cesium chloride in compounded drugs. Cesium chloride is sometimes advertised as a substitute for cancer treatment; however, FDA has not approved any cesium-chloride-containing products for cancer or any other disease cure.

The warning letters were issued to:

• American Nutriceuticals, LLC

• Complete H2O Minerals, Inc.

• Daily Manufacturing, Inc.

• Elemental Research, Inc. and The Mineral Store, Inc.

• Essence-of-Life, LLC

After consuming this product, if anybody suspects illness, consult your HCP and report to the FDA using MedWatch or the Safety Reporting Portal.

The companies need to respond to the FDA within 15 working days for a corrective action plan for violations. Not abiding by this may result in legal action, including injunction and/or product seizure.