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Low salt association with healthy breakfast seen in 35% of Indians: Mintel study


A study reported by Mintel highlights that 35 percent of Indians associate low salt with healthy breakfast and 81% of Indians contemplate breakfast as one of the most important meals for the day.

As per Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), the percentage of total breakfast cereal launches in India during the last five years to June 2020 that contain a Nil/Reduced sodium claim is just 4%. Only 18% of Indians reported reduced salt intake in the 12 months to December 2019.

Higher sodium intake causes hypertension and other heart diseases. The negative health impact of excessive salt is not on the consumer agenda. Because of Covid-19, hypertension resulted in an increased risk of mortality.

To help Indian consumers meet their health goals, brands can push consumers to reduce sodium intake.

As per the report, during this COVID-19 pandemic, it was noted that 22% of consumers (n= 3,000 Indians) snack three times a day or more. Indian consumers think that biscuits (67%), yogurts (55%), and beverages (53%) are a worthy option for breakfast.