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Sunfeast reimagines center-filled cookies with Dark Fantasy Desserts

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy launched new Dark Fantasy Desserts, a collection of two delicious and drool-worthy center-filled cookies - Choco Nut Dipped and Choco Chunks. The launch will enhance the choco experience of the flagship brand Choco Fills from the house of Dark Fantasy. The product aims to be the go-to dessert for youth.

The collection comprises two tempting palatable treats:

1) Choco Chunks: A gourmet cookie with delectable choco chips is ingrained in the crunchy crust and filled with rich silken molten choco crème. It offers a complete and multi-textural choco indulgence. A 75g pack with four cookies comes in a box priced at Rs. 50.

2) Choco Nut Dipped: The Choco and hazelnut loaded cookies, with a crust dotted with almonds and cashews. It is wrapped in silky-smooth Choco enrobing to deliver an overall delightful and premium choco experience. A 100g pack with six cookies comes in a box priced at Rs 50.