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Blue Tribe pitches another green product – plant-based Mutton Keema

In a proposal to confirm its product portfolio, Blue Tribe, India’s leading food technology company facilitating consumption of planet-friendly products, has ventured a new green, plant-based development, Mutton Keema.

This eco-friendly product is created with cherry-picked vegetarian ingredients and exquisite spices, tastes, cooks and feels exactly like traditional animal-based Mutton Keema. Leveraging the latest food technology and extensive research and development, the product can equal nutritional elements like protein, iron, phosphorus, and Vitamin B12, albeit without provoking cholesterol or carbon footprint. Priced at just Rs 375, the product is available for purchase through both online and offline mediums.

Researchers have demonstrated that plant-based meat products promote consumers to enjoy food at a fraction of disturbing environmental situations. The company onboarded several avant-garde food mechanisms and expertise that construct the architect of traditional meat with plants like legumes, wheat, tofu, yuba, and an assortment of nuts