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Redefining nutrition and health: Flax serves weekly meals delivered at the doorstep

Engaged in the day-to-day of life, overwhelmed by work, or always on the move, the gen-next hustles for living an active life that is hectic. Rushing in & out can leave anyone with little or no time to care for themself and their diet.

Ultimately, one shift to order food from the always-flying and super quick delivery partners that offer junk and fried frozen food leading to an unhealthy lifestyle and undesirable weight gain.

Flax Healthy Living, which has been on the A list of wholesome health foods for over 5 years now, has ventured Flax.

Fit thereby showcasing a distinctive way of redefining health and fitness for people via a subscription model exclusively crafted for those who prefer a healthy and nutritious diet. The motivation behind creating Flax.Fit comes from the modern-day lifestyle where people constantly seem to be in a haste and keeping up with diet becomes all the more crucial.