FSSAI prolongs implementation of labelling provisions for frozen desserts


FSSAI has prolonged the implementation of the labelling provisions for the products blanketed under the frozen dessert or confection category. The decision was made by the apex food regulator, as the matter is associated to the nomenclature of frozen dessert was under review.

The order of regulator stated that representations have been obtained from a section of stakeholders requesting for further prolonging of time for compliance of Food Safety and Standards (Food Product Standards and Food Additives) 13th Amendment Regulations of 2017 associated to frozen dessert, as the concern of nomenclature was still under review in FSSAI.

And there would be a halt on these regulations until a final result was reached through review. The order further added that however the food business operators are needed to comply with all other standards/labelling provisions specified for the said products under these regulations.

It is important to mention here that the ice cream manufacturers have made objections on the nomenclature frozen dessert and have sent a petition to FSSAI for a review. The regulator has made a decision to constitute an expert group to further review of the subject.