Researchers created AI system to locate and grade prostate cancer


Researchers have created a method addressed on artificial intelligence (AI) for diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer.
The AI-system has the capability to solve one of the bottlenecks in the modern prostate cancer histopathology by giving more precise diagnosis and better treatment decisions, they stated.

The study, advertised in the journal The Lancet Oncology, demonstrates that the AI-system is as good at locating and grading prostate cancer as world-leading uro-pathologists.

As study researcher Martin Eklund, Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden stated that their results demonstrate that it is possible to train an AI-system to detect and grade prostate cancer on the same level as leading experts. He further added that this has the
potential to vitally lower the workload of uro-pathologists and allow them to focus on the most difficult cases.

A concern of modern prostate pathology is that there is a certain degree of subjectivity in the evaluations of the biopsies. Different pathologists can conclude with different outcomes even though they are studying the same samples.
This leads to clinical complications where the doctors must pick treatment based on ambiguous information, the study stated.