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AHA News reports,  Sweet Potato  is a Holiday Dish to Be Thankful For Yams and Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving dish for many families, which makes it vital to understand one key fact: Sweet potatoes are not the similar to yams.

The terms are often utilized interchangeably, but they come from different families; sweet potatoes are edible roots from the morning glory family, and yams are edible tubers from the lily family.

Sweet potatoes pack vitally more vitamin A and carry a much sweeter taste. Both vegetables can be boiled or roasted, though sweet potatoes are generally prepared in other ways, such as pies, fries and even soup. Cathy Nonas, a clinical dietitian and former professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City stated that there are pros and cons to both of them. He definitely think either one is a great choice over a white potato; both of them have more fiber than a white potato and lots of vitamins.

Studies also have discovered that sweet potatoes may help lower bad cholesterol in people with Type 2 diabetes. People who are likely to develop kidney stones may want to utilize caution when eating sweet potatoes because they contain oxalates, which may enhance the risk.