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Probiotics- A future towards healthy gut microbiome


According to the study presented at the e-ECE 2020, Probiotics play a huge role in the process of weight loss and obesity control when consumed complementary to a well balanced diet.

According to this study, children falling in the obese category were accustomed to a balanced diet, greatly emphasizing on calorie restriction. Alongside this, they were asked to consume probiotics such as - Bifidobacterium breve BR03 and Bifidobacterium breve B632. As per the observations of this study, the children lost more weight and revealed a greatly improved insulin sensitivity as compared to other children only consuming the same diet and no probiotics.

The study data thereby concluded that a well balanced, calorie control diet along with probiotic supplements can hence greatly aid in managing obesity in the younger population. It contributes to the overall well being of the child as it reduces risk of diseases such as heart ailments, diabetes et cetera. Treatment and prevention of such diseases in children and adolescents, is considered as a public health challenge.

The group of probiotic bacterias- Bifidobacteria is a part of our stomach’s natural microbiome. This bacteria aids in the digestion of carbohydrates and dietary fibers and also helps to prevent bacterial infection such as the E.Coli.

During the process of digestion, the Bifidobacteria release short-chain fatty acids. These short-chain fatty acids play a significant role in gut health and controls hunger. Less amount of Bifodobacteria leads to weight gain resulting in obesity in children. This is because, eminently low numbers of Bifodobacteria, weakens the digestion process and affects the food intake and the corresponding energy exchange. All these factors thereby contribute to obesity in children and adolescents.

According to all the preceding research studies, Probiotics and Bifidobacteria work complementary to each other- thereby restoring the natural gut microbiome. This novel approach can be looked upon as a potential access for the world renowned obesity management. Current researchers are working on several different strains of Bifidobacteria so as to explore the maximum impact of the Probiotic in the physical well being of the consumer

As per the results, the children who were given both- a balanced diet as well as the Probiotics, showed drastic reduction in their waist circumference, insulin resistance, BMI and E.Coli in their gut microbiome. This study advocates that these probiotics can modify the gut microbiome and change the metabolism rate for the good. Therefore, this is highly beneficiary and recommended for the healthy development of children and adolescents.