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Nourish supplements cornflakes to its healthy breakfast portfolio

Nourish, BL Agro's leading food products company, added 'cornflakes' to its existing breakfast cereals portfolio.

The company has come up with three different flavors - Rose Almond, Kesar P


24Seven stores chain targets the nutrition market with the launch of plant-based sausages

India’s prime 24-hour convenience store chain, 24Seven, introduced plant-based hot dogs and sausages, targeting the burgeoning ‘smart protein’ category. The company collaborated w


Ingredion launches the latest sports nutrition insights report

Ingredion EMEA launched a market insights report titled ‘Success in Sports Nutrition’ that showcases fresh opportunities for manufacturers in the burgeoning sports nutrition category. I


Nutrition bars to be served to public school pupils in Maharashtra

Class 1 to 8 students in civic and state schools will now be given millet-based nutrition bars 5 days a week, along with the regular rice and pulses for lunch as part of the mid-day meal scheme. Si


The study reports that supplementing potatoes to your diet can boost nutrition

A novel study among nine to 18-year-olds has recommended that eating potatoes can be an efficient strategy to enhance the intake of key shortfall nutrients modestly.

The study results were


Diet-related NCDs threaten India, necessitate an integrated approach

The dietary imbalance continues to increase the number of NCDs (non-communicable diseases) in children and adults. Thus, during the second edition of the mega Bharat Nutrition Week conclave, organi


WhiteCub launches nutrition rich vegan butter

WhiteCub, India's pioneering dairy-free food brand, introduced the first-ever vegan butter. It is completely plant-based butter created without a single drop of any dairy product. It contains vitam


World leaders call for the reduction of antimicrobial drugs in global food systems

The Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance urged all countries to reduce antimicrobial drugs in global food systems significantly. It includes stopping the use of medically important anti


NGS introduces 'Grow Daily Boys 10+' protein drink powder

Nutritional Growth Solutions (NGS) Ltd. launched Grow Daily Boys 10+ protein drink powder to support growth and development in boys over ten years older. The new product line is a patented mixture


Tetley India introduces green tea 'Tetley Immune' containing antioxidants & Vitamin C

Tata Consumer Products' Tetley launched a unique innovation- Tetley Immune, an antioxidant-rich green tea with added vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to improve immunity.

It is available in fo


Pre & probiotics can protect against Covid19

Current studies have revealed that mothers produce this nutrition, not for the infant but the bacteria and other microorganisms in the infant's gut. These microorganisms in the gu


This Rakshabandhan present your sibling Fast&Up hamper

This Rakshabandhan, gives a break to gifts like Chocolates and flowers, deodorants, and shaving kits. Gift your sibling the Fast&Up hamper prepared with intelligent and active nutrition on the


Britannia Nutrition Foundation completes 11 years of improving health & nutritional outcomes for children & women

Of late, Britannia Nutrition Foundation completed its 11th anniversary in tackling child malnutrition in India. The foundation partners with the Government and non Government stakeholders to addres


Laïta Nutrition makes a strategic shift into plant-based ingredients

Laïta Nutrition, the nutrition division of the Laïta dairy cooperative, has unveiled its strategic focus on plant-based ingredients. Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the transiti


Veeba launches Earthmade Organix with D2C approach

Veeba, a home-grown food brand, revealed its venture into the extensive Indian Organic Food industry with the brand ‘Earthmade Organix’. By this, the firm is taking its better-for-you v


Nestlé excels in access to nutrition index, improves healthfulness of products

Nestlé has secured the number one position in food and beverage manufacturers' ranking on producing healthy food affordable and available to buyers.

The ATNI (Access To Nutrition Ini


Only Earth – launched Oat and Coconut plant-based drinks

Only Earth, a Singapore-led plant-based beverage brand always focuses on protecting the planet; launched in 2021, the brand was started by KunalMutha, who adopted veganism and is an athlete in the


US Highbush Blueberry Council reveals extension plans in India to promote health & nutrition

When the world is staggering under the Covid-19 pandemic, customers explore ways to keep them fit - including a healthy diet and vaccines to heighten their immunity. The US Highbush Blueberry Counc


Nutrify Today introduces new business settings for US-based nutraceutical companies

Nutrify Today has formally launched a group of novel business services for US-based nutraceutical companies. The preliminary plan and development frames are a range of educational panels.



Inulin and Oligofructose amongst first allowed prebiotics by the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS)

The CNS, China's largest expert nutrition body, has concluded that inulin and Oligofructose are among the first accepted prebiotics. The recognition includes Beneo's functional fibers derived from


Salt of the Earth creates low-sodium tastier lentils bites

After comprehensive investigation and lab tests, Salt of the Earth launched its all-natural resolution to deliver lentil bites more delicious, utilizing less sodium.

The group conducted a v


Replacement of unhealthy cravings with immunity-boosting dishes of Seeds Of Life

As times are hard and most of us are locked down at home, it may not have been easy to maintain your body walking, eat healthily and stay healthy. Seeds Of Life introduces the exact replacements fo


LiL' Goodness balances its products for fussy eaters and nutrient-deficient population

A kids' food and nutrition brand, LiL' Goodness, has transformed how 100 million kids in India snack from junk to healthy yet yummy. The company is positioned as the "daily dose of Goodness" for ki


U.S. Marshals seized over 207,000 units of kratom containing adulterated dietary supplements

The USFDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced the seizure of over 207,000 units of dietary supplements and bulk dietary ingredients containing kratom. It includes more than 34,000 kilograms of


NDDB signs MoU with GCMMF to help improve the genetics of milk-producing animals.

The (NDDB) National Dairy Development Board and (GCMMF) Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation have signed MoU to implement the genomic selection of cattle. The project will be primarily imp


Smart carbohydrates find an increasing role in sports nutrition

The growing interest in the maintenance of physical fitness has brightened the prospects of the sports nutrition market. It may grow by 12.2% in the next five years, with beverages being the highes


Staples from Bateel: Light and healthy Iftar

It is always wonderful to break your fast with friends and family; it is recommended to go for a lighter Iftar since we are not physically active as we were before the pandemic. The main idea today


DSM launched plant-based offering with first-of-its-kind vegan fish flavor

Royal DSM has launched Maxavor Fish YE – a new vegan (two taste profiles -Maxavor Fish M YE and Maxavor Fish W YE), 100 percent allergen-free flavor solution. This unique innovation, derived


The need to strengthen infant feeding and dietary guidelines: Researchers


Dietary and infant feeding guidelines should be intensified to teach more practical advice on the best methods to support children to adopt vegetable eating habits, as per dietetics


Fast&Up launched plant protein for women on Women's Day


Celebrating International Women's Day, Fast&Up has launched Plant Protein for Women to fulfill their daily protein requirements.

The brand is establishing itself as the m


Immunity-building products in Tamil Nadu: NuShakti


NuShakti designed to increase its focus in Tamil Nadu by highlighting its immunity-building nutrients to scale up operations to promote better nutrition for India.

The gap in


Introduction of 'Hello Tempayy,' a versatile, plant-based protein food: Vegolution


Vegolution launched 'Hello Tempayy,' a super bean-based, easy-to-cook food, adapted across meal occasions, cuisines, and cooking recipes.

Tempayy (also known as Tempeh or Tem


Platter for longer life: The right '5-a-day' mix is two fruit and three vegetable


More consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of death in men and women, according to data representing nearly 2 million adults. Five daily servings of fr


Lowers Risk of Heart Disease, Dementia-Related Death and Premature Death: Plant-Based Protein


Postmenopausal women consuming more plant-based protein have a lower risk of premature death, cardiovascular disease, and dementia-related death, as per a study published online in t


A vegan diet remarkably alters metabolism in young children


A recently conducted study found changes in metabolism of vegan children and lower vitamin A and D levels compared to children with no special diet.

The study found serum bio


Technology-driven Ayurveda supplement brand, NanoVeda, enters the Indian market


NanoVeda products shall now be available in the Indian markets. The home-grown brand specializes in organic and plant-based products in the form of oral rapid dissolve strips. The br


Changes in diet & nutritional needs giving more popularity to plant-based meat


As most people spend their time indulging in a range of activities like cooking, reading up on mental health, and exploring changes in their lifestyle, their mind-set is moving towar


Nutritional Calculation based on RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance): FSSAI


The FSSAI released the standards for nutritional information on labels of packaged food products under the Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2020. It lay


Regular consumption of Chyawanprash reduces risk of Covid-19: Clinical study report


In a significant breakthrough development, Dabur India Limited completed a large-scale, open-label, randomized, controlled, multicentric clinical study on their premium product&ndash


Plant-based meat alternatives: High demand in the next five years


DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences and IPSOS, a worldwide market research firm, issued a new research study that shows a notable increase in demand for plant-based meat alternatives in


Highlighted the importance of vitamin D for the human body: Nutrify India


Nutrify India, headquartered in Hyderabad, has spotlighted the Vitamin D importance and the varied perspective all-essential vitamins have on the human body. The company is involved


Increased focus on flavored nutritional foods for immunity: Experts


Experts say that the on-going Covid-19 phase resulted in a drastic change in consumption patterns with a higher demand for flavored nutritional food products that boost immunity.


Low salt association with healthy breakfast seen in 35% of Indians: Mintel study


A study reported by Mintel highlights that 35 percent of Indians associate low salt with healthy breakfast and 81% of Indians contemplate breakfast as one of the most important meals


‘National Nutrition’ month concludes with ‘Joy of Giving Week’: Amway India


The National Nutrition Month is celebrated throughout the country, and Amway India, managed many initiatives to underline the nutritious meals’ importance for all.



Focus on almonds, with the theme of a sustainable future for all on this World Food Day


The World Food Day is observed every year to foster global awareness and healthy diets for all, especially the hungry population.

People from all over the world will unite to


Dietary supplement companies selling products containing Cesium Chloride: FDA warning


The US Food and Drug Administration released five warning letters issued to companies selling dietary supplements containing cesium chloride.

Cesium chloride is a new dietary


On World Egg Day, poultry experts emphasize that Eggs are vital to boost immunity


On World Egg Day, October 9, 2020, top poultry experts emphasized the significance of a protein-rich diet to boost immunity. Suresh Chitturi, Chairman of the International Egg Coordi


A new strategy towards nutritional improvement: "Smart and Clear Labeling on Unhealthy foods"


"Comprehensible and explicit labeling on the front-of-package to identify the unhealthiest foods" has come out as the key to improve consumer health, especially the overweight or obe


An Initiative for "Proper Nutrition of Lactating Women" started by Delhi Government


The Chief Minister’s Aanganwadi Monitoring Committees in Delhi started an online initiative to improve the public service delivery. An online webinar organized on the conclusio


Danone refreshes its adult nutrition portfolio


Danone India, the packaged foods global giant, recently declared a complete revamp of its adult nutrition portfolio. It aims to bring up Protinex variants with zero added sugar. 


Consumption of nutraceuticals soars to boost immunity amid pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased people's awareness towards the nutraceuticals by exposing the prevalence of immunity deficiency among the world's population. People now are more


In utero brain development of children linked with levels of alcohol consumption:


Researchers at the University of Sydney recently discovered that low levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy can hamper a child’s brain development in- utero. These prob


OZiva launches Superfood Plant Protein to widen its plant-based nutrition portfolio


OZiva has come up with a plant-based complete protein, Superfood Plant Protein. It is a mixture of vegan protein with Ayurvedic herbs and multivitamins. The nourishment of Ayurvedic


Eating nutrition-rich food can overcome Covid-19: Expert


To create awareness on the nutrition-rich food among people, National Nutrition Week is observed every year. This year it is from September 01 to 7, 2020.

Experts stated that


Probiotics- A future towards healthy gut microbiome


According to the study presented at the e-ECE 2020, Probiotics play a huge role in the process of weight loss and obesity control when consumed complementary to a well balanced diet.


Launch of 8 nutraceuticals immunity-boosting products: PMBJP


D V Sadananda Gowda, the Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilisers, India, announces eight immunity-boosting products launch under Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Priyojana (PM


Campaign for ‘Bharat Nutrition Week’ with conclave: IHW Council


An apex body, the Integrated Health and Wellbeing (IHW) Council, promoting health for all, is organizing a mega virtual conclave from September 1 to 7, 2020, Bharat Nutrition Week (f


Nutritional supplements' impact on diet behaviour


During this pandemic, consumers are experiencing nutritional anxiety that they may not be getting the required nutrients from ordinary or conventional foods. Stress acts as an influe


Regular usage Of Fish Oil Supplements associated to reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Death


Lakhs of people consume a fish oil supplement which is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids in hopes that it will improve their health.Omega-3 fatty acids are present in foods, i


Altering diet continuously or abruptly could be lethal to health


New research from the University of Sheffield has found that altering to an enriched diet after consuming a restricted diet can lower life expectancy and have negative effe


People with High Vitamin B12 range are more susceptible to die early as per JAMA Report


People with higher blood levels of vitamin B12 are at an enhanced risk of early death, a current study in the journal JAMA Network Open has recommended. The death risk in s


Vitamin C may reduce Mechanical Ventilation span in Critical Care Patients


A current meta-analysis suggested that vitamin C may reduce the length of ICU stay and the span of mechanical ventilation. The researchers quantized the modification of the


Vitamin C-B1-Steroid Combo May reduce Septic Shock Mortality in Kids


Sepsis can impact anyone at any time but it tends to strike more often the very old and the very young. Children, particularly infants and premature babies, can be more vul


Cocoa enhances Walking Performance in PAD, as per the Circulation Study


In the disease related to peripheral artery, there is a narrowing of the arteries and lowering of blood flow from the heart to the legs. This leads to tightness, pain, cram


Consuming red meat and processed meat enhances heart disease and death risk, as per the study


After a scandalous study last fall suggesting that it was not essential for people to alter their diet in terms of red meat and processed meat, a large, carefully analyzed


As per the study dopamine, biological clock associated to overeating, snacking and obesity


During the span of 1976 through 1980, 15% of U.S. adults were suffering from obesity. Today, about 40% of adults are under obese category. Another 33% are under overweight


FDA declares Unprecedented Recalling of Dietary Supplements


Currently, a manufacturer which is New York-based produce dietary supplement (and its subsidiaries) furnished a nationwide recall of all lots of dietary supplement products


IV Magnesium Sulfate enhances results 6 Months after Brain Surgery


In current years, magnesium sulfate has secured interest as a potential protector of brain function. Prior studies have demonstrated it to have a favorable safety profile,


Natural compound in vegetables assists in fighting fatty liver disease


A new study headed by Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists demonstrates how a natural compound discovered in many well-known and widely consumed vegetables can also b


Backache in Postmenopausal Women is associated to Vitamin D Deficiency


Lumbar disc degeneration is a general musculoskeletal disease that often causes lower back ache. A new study has tried to examine the linkage between vitamin D deficiencies


Infection of Clostridioides difficile flourishes under a high-protein, high-fat diet


Diets involving Paleo, Keto and Atkins concentrate on high-fat, high-protein meals that are often low in carbohydrates. This mix may be attractive to Clostridioides diffici


Consumption of an egg a day not linked to risk of heart disease


The sandal about whether eggs are good or bad for your heart health may be resolved, and about one a day is fine.

A group of researchers from the Populati


Reason for lacking of nutritional quality in the packed lunches of Children


From healthy salads to sandwiches, we try to pack everything nutritious for school tiffin box of our kids. But it is disturbing to know that as per a latest research; fewer than


As per AHA, Understand the Power of Grapefruit before grabbing it


Grapefruit has sweet and friendly aesthetics, but you might have heard it has powers far beyond those of ordinary produce. Some of that data is fact, and some is myth.


Consumption of walnut could benefit brain health?


Oxidative stress has long been associated to age-related cognitive debilitation, the harbinger of dementia. Epidemiologic studies linking adherence to antioxidant-rich dietary patter


Switching to Skim Milk could add Years to Your Life?


If you want to downplay the aging process, it might not hurt to replace whole milk with skim, new research indicates.
The observations do not show that milk fat, per se, hastens


Coconut Oil enhances LDL Cholesterol, increasing Risk of CVDs


The demand of coconut oil rose in recent years, this has been due to its suggested health beneficiaries -- preventing heart disease, reducing belly fat, strengthening the immune syst


Plant Pigment Quercin May reduce High BP Significantly


A new paper in Nutrition Reviews observes that intake of the flavonoid quercetin can greatly lower high blood pressure in patients experiencing cardiovascular disease.



Lose of tongue fat improves sleep apnea


Tongue could be a novel target to treat the common sleep disorder.
Losing weight is an impactful treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), but why exactly this is the case ha


Drinkers of Green Tea May Live for Longer


People who adore their green tea may also enjoy longer, healthier lives, a large new study indicated.
Lovers of tea also had a slightly longer life expectancy. At age 50, they c


Drinking tea thrice a week associated to longer life expectancy


Great news for tea lovers! Researchers have observed that drinking tea at least thrice a week is associated with longer and healthier life.
As stated by study first author Xinya


Many Food Labels Now describe both which are Calories per Serving or the Whole Package?


With the launch of the new Nutrition Facts label, a variation that consumers are observing is the dual column label for some foods that can reasonably be used in one meal or snack, a


Folic acid and Zinc supplements fail to improve male fertility


Folic acid and Zinc and a pair of dietary supplements long boasted as an impactful treatment for male infertility, failed to enhance pregnancy rates, sperm counts, and sperm pot


Behavioral problems in adolescence could be contributed by low levels of vitamin D?


Most studies have committed on the potential impacts of vitamin D status in pregnancy on behavior problems of the offspring. As per some studies, the potential effects of early pregn


A diet enrich in carotenoids may assist in improving insulin sensitivity


Carotenoids are a group of pigments seen mainly in plants, some of which can be converted into retinol, also called as vitamin A.

It has been recommended that carotenoids, wh


Guidance Note on Artificial Ripening of Fruits by FSSAI


Fruit ripening is a combination of biochemical, physiological, and molecular processes which result in changes in colour, acidity, sugar content, aroma and texture. In layman’s


AHA News reports, Without Derailing Health, how to enjoy the Flavors of the Season


Keeping yourself healthy during the holidays doesn't mean you can't enjoy the celebrations and parties. Indulging yourself a little won't hurt – if you plan beforehand for meal


Poor Diet associated to Vision Loss among Elderly


A poor diet is associated to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading source of vision loss among the elderly, as per the study advertised in the British Journal of Ophtha


Changing Frequency and Timing of Meals May Help With Diabetes


When we eat and how often we eat can make a big effect on our weight and insulin needs if we have type 2 diabetes, new research indicates.
The study observed that people who ate


Researchers found brain circuit associated to food impulsivity


This develops the possibility scientists can someday create therapeutics to resolve overeating.
Impulsivity, or responding without a thought given about the consequences of an a


AHA News reports, Longer, Healthier Life could be achieved by regular fasting


Regular fasting is linked with lower rates of heart failure and longevity, as per 2 new studies. Researchers are highlighting on the centuries-old debate about how fasting affects he


AHA News reports


AHA News reports,  Sweet Potato  is a Holiday Dish to Be Thankful For Yams and Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving dish for many families, which makes it vital to unders


Adhering to sustainable dietary practices may aid in prevention of future weight gain


Enhancing sustainability of current food systems may prohibit future health, environmental and social concerns. In addition to these positive effects, a new study advertised in The A